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Just don't ever treat me like a joke. If that ever happens again I'm done, I'm out, I quit. Not you, not love, but life. I'm sick of fraudulent bullshit, assholes and heartless taking advantage. I've been through shit, I know life, pain, misery and death. I'm sick of darkness. I miss hope, I want love and happiness but at the same time I don't give a fuck. I'll just die in an explosion of emotion and irrational decisions leading to an easy exit. I don't care but care about everything. I hate and love at extremes. I'm nothing and everything. 
I'm just me..



This free expression has been tainted. 



This place smells like it's about to burst into flames.

Take it down a peg

You are poking a dragon with a stick. You're distractions could cost your existence.


You know that song by the Beatles, 'life goes on'?

I hate that fucking song...