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Please help.


I'm an investment, I'm good, I'm great,  I have so fucking much to offer but no one cares. I hate this, I hate knowing so much, I hate life, happiness and potential, I just want to be nothing as I deserve or everything as I have earned, why is this me? Why? Why? Why?
I'm not looking for pity, acknowledgement, noticed, effort, reality, something for all this. Why? Really, why? I don't get it, I want such simple pleasures, I'm so easily pleased, I'm true of heart, I love love, I am fueled by peace and happiness, I should be so great and successful, who hates me and why? I don't deserve this pathetic existence but it's all on me, I blame no one, I never hate, I never blame but I absorb hate and blame like I deserve it. 
Let me go then, I should just go, I should quit, quit life, quit effort, quit being me, I'm nothing anymore. I hate you, me that is...